My new single, Mystery, is available right here on my website. You can get it for FREE, by just clicking any of the boxes to join my mailing list! Then you'll also get the benefit of keeping up with me and getting in on special downloads and merch discounts. 
It's a song about the wonder and mystery of love. One of the many things in this life I'd like to get a better grasp on,
but haven't yet. 

Enjoy, friends!

Voting for which songs will go on my new EP is over.
The top three are:
1) We Need New Dreams Tonight
2) Mystery 
3) Beautiful Life
 *As an added bonus, I will also be adding Silver Lining, since it was only one vote away from the top 3! 

Congratulations to Richelle West of Boise, ID! She was randomly chosen as the winner of a New Dreams t-shirt for participating in the contest

Thanks to all of you who did speak your mind! 
Be watching for updates on the new album's release, 
still slated for May 27!! 

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Mystery + bonus tracks!

by Jerry Fee

Not only will you get to find out the latest and greatest news, but when you sign up on my email list, I'm giving you my latest single, Mystery, along with two cover songs by some of the artists who have inspired my songwriting.

I hope you enjoy these and I truly appreciate your support!

  1. 1 Mystery 03:42
  2. 2 [Info] Better 03:17
  3. 3 [Info] The World I Know 04:19