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* Listen to my most recent radio podcast feature and interview here. I was on this show last fall with TGC and   they had me back to feature my new stuff. Lots of laughter and insights into my craziness! Hope you enjoy and support their stellar program. 


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Mystery + bonus tracks!

by Jerry Fee

Not only will you get to find out the latest and greatest news, but when you sign up on my email list, I'm giving you my latest single, Mystery, along with two cover songs by some of the artists who have inspired my songwriting, and a song I wrote with my last band.

I hope you enjoy these and I truly appreciate your support!

  1. 1 Mystery 03:42
  2. 2 [Info] Better 03:17
  3. 3 [Info] The World I Know 04:19
  4. 4 Sum 03:36


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